It is no secret that when you’re part of a military family, moving across multiple state lines is common. This is a major life change that a family often has to go through, and it could make members feel like they do not have roots anywhere. Having to pack all your stuff and hauling it somewhere miles away is also a cause of stress.

There is a way to make the experience less inconvenient for everyone, and that’s by getting the help of professionals like the Remax Real Estate Group in Colorado Springs.

Find the best home for your military family (Image Source: Pixabay)

According to the Remax experts, here is a comprehensive list of things you need to consider when buying a house.

Searching for a Good Home

The basics for finding a good home are not the same for military families compared to civilian ones, but they definitely do overlap.

Select a Reliable Realtor

The first and arguably the most important step of the process is to find a reliable realtor. Find someone you can trust to show you the ropes. At the same time, this realtor should be an expert in the area where you are looking for a property.

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Once you have chosen the realtor that suits you, you can start discussing your requirements with them. Write down your non-negotiables, or the things you absolutely cannot forgo; for example, a big cooking space, a place for kids to play in, or a house close to a school. Next, list your negotiables. These are the things you want but can let go of if necessary. These may include a pool, a parking spot, or features like wooden window frames, etc..

Take the Necessary Time-off

Although the military will not be able to cover the costs when you go house-hunting, you will be able to get a permissive leave. This typically lasts 10 days, which would be sufficient to look at a number of pre-selected houses. Alternatively, you can make use of Space-A travel for a cheaper trip to your brand new duty station.

Schedule Everything

Make sure you schedule every single task. Most military men and women house-hunt when conferences are going on or they’re not otherwise preoccupied with urgent matters.

A hectic schedule does not mesh well with a house-finding trip. You will need to schedule the visit, view the home, negotiate, and make an offer. That’s not even including the hassle of moving in. It would take several days and could even stretch to weeks.

Here are some quick tips when it comes to scheduling:

  • Allow for ample time to go to areas you want to view.
  • Let your realtor in on your plans so they can prepare, too.
  • Prioritize the homes you want to view. There is no way to view everything
  • If your realtor takes you to an area you do not like, make sure to tell them.

Create a timetable that will allow you to visit houses uninterrupted. You are making a big investment, after all.

Do the Homework

Since finding a home will take quite a while, it is best to manage your time smartly. Ask your realtor to give you a street map with all the necessary details. Request him or her to mark which areas have the homes you fancy or highlight the houses themselves.

This saves you an enormous amount of time. You can already create a road map that will let you visit the houses in an orderly fashion. Be sure to prioritize the areas or houses that are high on your interest list.

Having a pre-drawn map also allows you to view the area and see the schools, parks, and hospitals nearby.

Eat, Drink, and Rest

Many underestimate the stress and sweat it takes to visit multiple homes in a day. In most cases, military families visit at the minimum 10 homes in a day!

Make sure to eat a hearty breakfast to get your energy levels up in the morning. If possible, pack a delicious and healthy lunch and dinner. Bring as many water bottles as you can. If possible, add tons of ice to beat the heat. Add rest stops and snack breaks throughout the day.

If you have your children tagging along with you, make sure that they get the hydration they need. Kids will tire out faster than adults. A pro tip parents swear by is to pack a stroller for the younger children. More often than not, your child will get tired and sleepy halfway through. To avoid having to carry them around all day, strap them in a stroller. It is a win-win for you and your kid!

Bring the Necessary Documents

Find out what are the needed documents (Source:

If you find the home you are looking for from the get-go, it would be best to streamline the process. To make this happen, it is important to have all the necessary files and documents in hand.

Here are some of the files you may need (this is highly dependent on the state):

  • A pre-approval letter from a lender. Preferably, get a reputable one to improve your chances of getting the deal you want.
  • W-2 forms from the past two years. Make sure that these are both for the military member and the spouse.
  • The two most recent pay stubs (monthly basis) of the military member and the spouse.
  • All the pages of your monthly primary savings account and checking accounts.
  • A chequebook.
  • A general power of attorney in the cases where your spouse is not present.
  • A camera and a notebook. Since you will be visiting multiple houses, it is easy to forget one and miss out. Take a bunch of photos and note down what you liked and did not like about the home you visited.

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