Looking to sell a home?

Here is the general process for selling your home:

Market Analysis

  • 5-15 minute property preview to gather information and the upgrades and unique aspects of the home
  • Research and put together a comprehensive market analysis that will go over properties that have sold in the last 3-6 months to validate a solid market price for your property. Market analysis will also include the pending and under contract homes to understand what buyers see as value; as well as active listing competition in your area.
  • Set up a meeting in-person or via Zoom to go over your custom comparative market analysis and custom marketing ideas and strategies tog et top dollar for your home.
  • Once the listing price is set and you know when you would like to put your property on the market, we will go over listing documents and disclosures with you.

Listing the Property

  • The house will need a deep clean to prepare it for the best photo and showing results.
  • We will coordinate scheduling professional staging and professional photography, as well as put a lockbox on your property.
  • Your property can be marketed in as little as 48 hours from photos being taken, and will be marketed in Pikes Peak MLS, Denver MLS, and several websites, as well as many other approaches to marketing and spreading the word about your property!

Property Showings

  • Realtors will call our office to schedule showings on your property and our office will contact you based on your preferences (email, call, text, Showingtime app, or all 4!).
  • We will send feedback on the showings and also provide you with weekly updates.

Getting an Offer

  • Once an offer is received, we will speak with the agent and lender, and send the offer and lender letter to review and discuss. You can choose to accept the offer, counter, or reject.
  • Once an offer is accepted and you are under contract, the buyer will deposit the Earnest Money Deposit with the title company.
  • A Title order will be placed to open your new contract with the title company, and they will provide a title commitment on your property. This will show if there are any liens under your names that will need to be cleared at closing in order to deliver clear title and deed to the buyer.
  • The buyer will complete any inspections of their choosing during the inspection period outlined in the contract (usually a 7-10 day period from the acceptance date). Typically, a buyer will have a licensed home inspector do a comprehensive inspection on your property, and oftentimes complete additional testing such as radon, sewer scope, mold, etc.
  • Buyer will send an Inspection Objection of any items they are requesting that you complete prior to closing. Buyers generally ask for health and safety items to be repaired, if any.
  • You will respond with what repairs you are willing to make, if any, and if all parties are agreeable, you will sign an Inspection Resolution.
  • If you have a septic system, you will contact a county approved septic inspection company to pump and inspect the septic system and apply for a Septic Acceptance Document from El Paso County in order to transfer the system to the buyer at closing.


  • If the buyer is getting a loan, an appraisal will most likely be required, which will be ordered by the lender. I will meet with the appraiser at your property to discuss features of the house and go over the best possible comparables in your area to justify the agreed upon contract price.
  • Once the appraisal is in and the closing date is approaching, we will coordinate a closing time that will work for you and the buyers. The buyer will want to complete a walk through of the house prior to closing, so it’s best to be moved out with all cleaning done the day prior to closing


  • You will be provided with the settlement statement to show the breakdown of your closing costs and your net cash 1-3 days prior to the closing date.
  • We will obtain paid receipts from you for any inspection work, to provide to the buyer.
  • Finally off to closing! This could take 30 minutes to an hour depending on if it is a cash or loan purchase


  • Once everyone has signed the closing documents and the loan has funded, the title company will wire your proceeds to your account. Funds may be in your account as early as the same day if everything is wrapped up and wired before 2:00 PM!
  • You will be provided with copies of the signed closing documents, so be sure to keep those for tax purposes.