So, you have decided to move to the state of Colorado. You probably have your eyes set on moving to Colorado Springs or any nearby area. This is a smart choice because Colorado Springs is named as one of the most livable cities not just in Colorado, but in the US.

There are many reasons why Colorado Springs has earned high rankings in the real estate market. Its beautiful location, employment opportunities, and quality of life are just some of them. The next big thing to decide is to choose among the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs to settle in.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs?

When buying a new home for your family, you don’t just look at the property individually. It is important to know the neighborhood where your home is a part of.

This is crucial when raising a family to ensure that you live in a safe, healthy, and ideal environment. The proximity to your place of work or school is a few more factors to consider.

Lucky for you, there are a few good options. It is all about identifying the positive features of each neighborhood. After making your choice, you can go ahead and match it with your family’s needs.

What are the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs? (Image Source: TripAdvisor)

Experience the best of what living in Colorado can offer when you choose to buy a home in these neighborhoods:


Briargate is one of the top neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, especially for young families. This neighborhood consistently ranks among the list of the best neighborhoods in Colorado, not just in Colorado Springs.

It is located close to excellent schools. There are also many establishments for youth activities and shopping in the area. The homes in Briargate are also large enough to accommodate families.

However, it still falls within the affordable range as per Colorado Springs standard. Its proximity to the Air Force Academy is also part of the reason why this community consists mostly of military families.

The Broadmoor

This is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. The Broadmoor was built during the 1920s and continued to develop until the 1940s. For this reason, you will find plenty of old and new mansions.

The five-diamond Broadmoor hotel and resort is also located within this neighborhood. Many of the people who live in this neighborhood are professionals like doctors, lawyers, and real estate developers.

Hence, it is not uncommon to find houses with golf carts and luxurious cars. This is because there are also many golf courses in the neighborhood. Sounds great, right?


This neighborhood was built on the foothills during the 1970s. If you have no problem with your house located on a hillside, then this neighborhood is a great option. The area is also home to a lot of military families – so don’t be surprised if most of your neighbors are in uniform.

It is also located within proximity to the Air Force Academy, which explains why. The neighborhood has an excellent school district and the population consists mostly of white-collar workers.

Old Colorado City

This is one of the oldest yet most eclectic neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. This neighborhood is only a few minutes away from downtown. The homes in this neighborhood are proudly affordable.

Thus, the homes are suitable for families with a limited budget. But you will also find a great mix of home styles that range from cottages to stately Victorian homes. There are also plenty of new homes that were built on old lots.

It is a great choice of neighborhood for those who want diversity. The Old Colorado City of West Side is also popular with tourists as it is filled with quaint shops.


This neighborhood in Colorado Springs is located at the city’s northern edge. It is also located within proximity to the United States Air Force Academy’s north gate. This is how this neighborhood got its name.

Northgate has an excellent school district so it is ideal for families to live in. Aside from the fantastic educational opportunities, this neighborhood has thriving shopping centers nearby.

Thus, living here means you are getting the best from what you deserve. It has a good mix of educational, lifestyle, and entertainment opportunities for its residents.

Old North End

This neighborhood is located in the northern part of downtown Colorado Springs. This neighborhood is filled with so much history and is a bit on the upscale side as far as the cost of homes is concerned.

In particular, the population of Old North End consists mainly of professionals. They are lawyers, college professors, doctors, and other similar professions. Thus, the homes in this neighborhood are large, stately homes.

Some of the homes in the area were built way back in the 1800s. Many of the homes in this address are included in the National Register.

West Colorado Springs

West Colorado Springs is one of the most sparsely populated neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. It is filled with retail and commercial properties, as well as both public and private lands.

If you are looking for a great neighborhood for your family, this is a good option because homes are affordable. It is also surrounded by natural beauty and is a short distance from many great schools and colleges.

Need Expert Help in Choosing the Best Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs?

Which Colorado Springs neighborhood are the best? (Image Source: The Colorado Springs Business Journal)

Buying a home in Colorado Springs for your family is a major investment. It is only natural to want to be cautious and decisive about where you put your investment in. It is also a practical step to ensure that you have a home that is suitable for your family.

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