One of the most defining characteristics of a good neighborhood is to find out how pedestrian-friendly it is. This is an important characteristic to look for whether you are buying or renting a property.

Realty experts like Brian Boals insist that this is one of the factors you need to look for when choosing a neighborhood to buy a house from. The ability to get around without the use of a car is important in making you feel truly at home.

How to Spot a Walkable Neighborhood

How to spot a walkable neighborhood (Image Source: Unsplash)

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can safely walk your dog in the morning within your neighborhood? Or that you can stroll to a nearby café and walk around the corner to buy in the grocer?

The ability to walk freely within your neighborhood gives you a sense of security and safety in your neighborhood. It’s no wonder why this is one of the main factors that home buyers are looking for.

Brian Boals' Tips on How to Spot a Walkable Neighborhood

To help you identify a walkable neighborhood, follow these tips from Brian Boals to get you started:

1. Explore the Facilities

Examine the facilities in the neighborhood when you drive around to have a look. Are there any sidewalks? Are the streets well-lit? Are there any nearby grocery stores, restaurants, and other business establishments?

Are there trees near the sidewalk? Is there enough street furniture? Neighborhoods with benches or places to rest is an indicator that it is a place that encourages walking among its residents.

2. Do your research.

When scoping out neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, you can go online and read what locals have to say. It is important to get insight directly from the people who’ve lived in that neighborhood.

3. Scope out the commute.

Looking at the transportation and commuting options within a neighborhood will give you an idea of how walkable it is. Is it close to a train or bus station? The closer you are to transportation hubs, the more likely you are to walk in that neighborhood.

4. Look for a neighborhood center.

Walkable neighborhoods tend to have a central hub where residents can go for shopping, dining, entertaining, and socializing. The presence of parks and other public spaces is also a good indicator.

5. Take a walk.

There is no better way to assess how walkable a neighborhood is than by walking it yourself. If this is not possible, you can use maps online so you can get around the neighborhood without being there.

Find a Great Neighborhood with Brian Boals

Tips for finding a walkable neighborhood. (Image Source: Unsplash)

If you are looking for the ideal home in a safe neighborhood for your family, you can turn to Brian Boals and Remax real estate group in Colorado Springs. We help families in buying a home in Colorado Springs and we can fit your options according to your list of priorities.

Whatever type of property you are looking for, whether it is a single-family home or townhomes, we can work with you in finding them. At Brian real estate group, we go the extra mile to ensure that we can match the neighborhood to your family’s needs.

If you would like to get started in finding your ideal home in a walkable neighborhood, contact us today. We look forward to putting our years of experience to work in helping you find the ideal home.